What does my membership Support?
The Launch Creative Center is the face of the Launch:Community Through Skateboarding organization. By becoming a supporting member, you are contributing to the philosophy that skateboarding is a powerful creative outlet that should be recognized and supported in our community.

As a member, you get full ramp access during open hours, discounts on Launch programs and worskhops and access to exclusive members-only events. There are also additional benefits depending on your level of membership. In addition, you can take pride in knowing that your membership helps Launch to afford the expenses associated with keeping the center open (rent, insurance, maintenance) as well as allowing us to expand our programming (DIY workshops, skateboard lessons, etc) to serve you and others in the community.

What is the Launch Creative Center?
The LCC is a place to immerse yourself in skateboard culture. Inside you will find the only indoor skateboard ramp in Fort Collins,  a creative space for hands-on workshops, a skateboard museum complete with over one hundred rare and collectable skateboards, and a skateboard library complete with volumes of magazines and art books.

What is there to skate at the Launch Creative Center? Currently, the LCC has two different mini-ramps. In the main room, we have a 900 sq.ft. mini-ramp/bowl that ranges in height from 4’-7’ and includes a smaller 2′ section. This ramp’s surface is constructed from baltic birch with steel and concrete coping offering a wide variety for all ability level. Our newest mini-ramp is in our back room and it is 2.5′ tall and 16 foot wide. Perfect for learning new moves and for beginners.

Who built the ramp?
Countless volunteers kicked down serious time to build the ramp. Over 300 donated hours of design and labor contributed to the construction of the Launch Ramp. Thank you all!

What are your hours?
Check our website calendar for the most current hours for the LCC. The center is open at least 4 days a week in addition to scheduled events and workshops held at the center.

Is the Launch Creative Center staffed?
If the doors are open, the LCC will always have a staff member present.

Where is the Launch Creative Center?
The LCC is located 1 mile North of oldtown in Fort Collins at 1007 N. College Ave. UNIT B. (on the west side of College Ave between Pinion and Hemlock Streets). We are located in the back corner warehouse. Look for our sign and the painted doorway! Please allow yourself a bit of extra time to get to us, due to road construction on N. College.

Are there installment payment plans for Memberships?
Sorry, there is not currently an installment payment option.

What if I can’t afford a Membership?
Launch’s goal is to expose as many people to skateboarding as possible. That said, anyone can come hang out at the Launch Center for free. The Launch Ramp is available on scheduled free-event days to anyone with a signed waiver on file. All other days are available to members and non-members who pay for an individual session ($7.00).

How long is an individual session for non-members?
Non-members can pay $7.00 for a session on the ramp. Sessions will be no less than 4 hours and up to 6 hours.

Can I buy a family membership for all of my homies/roomates?
Sorry, the family membership is for parents with kids that are minors in one household, not for friends and siblings that live together.

Who can enter? Who can skate?
Again, all are welcome to come hangout at the Launch Center for free during standard open hours. The Launch ramp is available to our supporting members during standard open hours and non-members who pay a drop-in rate of $7 to skate. The LCC will also offer “free” days periodically, so check the Calendar for scheduled free dates. Go to our Membership page for a full description of the different membership levels.

Do I need to wear pads/helmet?
Helmets and pads are strongly encouraged while skating the Launch Ramp. Skaters 13 and under are required to wear a helmet while skating the ramp. We have free helmets and pads available for you to use.

Do I have to sign a waiver?
All Launch visitors must have a signed waiver on file. If under 18, your waiver must be signed by a parent or legal guardian. If you are over 18 you must also have a signed  waiver of file.  CLICK HERE FOR COPY OF WAIVER.

What are the rules at LCC?
No smoking. No drug abuse. No illicit activity. Nothing but skateboarding on the premises of the LCC. No BMX. No Scooters. All visitors must comply with all posted rules. These rules are to ensure that everyone has a fun, safe experience at Launch.

Where is the Launch Creative Center located?
The LCC is located 1 mile north of Old Town Fort Collins. From old town go north on College Avenue, turn right (west) on Pinion St. We are in a light blue building directly behind Wool Hat at 1007 North College Avenue. MAP